Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Do Balfour Beatty know how many 
of their OWN workers will be affected by BESNA???

Following the many ridiculous claims and contradictions in the press releases from Balfour Beatty this week, one claim stuck in my mind,  3,063 employees.    LINK

3,063 employees. - Where did they come from?

Since when did  BBES have 3,063 employees in the construction industry? Well, never is the answer. They have an awful lot of STAFF (who are receiving a pay rise this year) but not employees

When the first ballot went through in November, BBES claimed that they only had 1,650 employees. 
There was over 800 balloted, and there was a 81.6% in favour of strike action. LINK

When BBES issued a press release after Christmas concerning the numbers of employees who had signed up to the new contract they started using a figure of 1,200. LINK

Now that the SECOND ballot has come back in favour of strike action with 67%, BBES are raising the claim that they have over 3,000 employees.

Shocking and ridiculous claims from Balfour Beatty once again


  1. shame on the 50% that couldn't be bothered to vote

  2. Just for your info - I was talking to my uncle the other day who works at Telent (fibre optic cabling etc). He said that Telent have laid off ALL direct labour and are basically getting the laid off staff to subcontract as 'self employed' staff. In other words, after he's been made redundant he'll go back to work as a sub-contractor, even finishing jobs he started as an employee at Telent, but with no rights and no job security. What a filthy scam.