Tuesday, 30 September 2014

We Are the 91%

We are the 91%

Back in July, the ECA/SELECT made their 'Final Offer' to Unite for the JIB wage increase for 2015 & 2016. The increase on offer was 2% for 2015 and 3% for 2016 but with a catch. The 'Entrant Grade'

Fully explained in these two previous posts:

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This led to consultative ballot and was rejected by a convincing 91%.
The blatant attack on our trade also bought about the highest return of ballot papers for some years. So the ECAs 'Final Offer' was strongly rejected and subsequently withdrawn. 

Last week, Unite stewards and representatives met in Leeds after the ECA had been in contact. It is now clear that the 'Final Offer' was not quite the 'Final Offer', but was in fact the 'Penultimate Offer'. This new offer is in fact the 'Final, Final Offer'.

The 'Final, Final Offer' has the same numbers and percentages attached but has the contentious Entrant Grade removed.
This attempt at bringing in a lesser grade into the Electrical Trade is the umpteenth time in recent years with the SMA and BESNA still fresh in our minds,

The ballot papers started being sent out yesterday and everyone who received a ballot paper last time will receive one this time round. The criteria before was to be a JIB card holder and a member of Unite the Union.

If you do not receive a ballot paper but feel you should have a paper please email nick.drysdale@unitetheunion.org


Monday 29th September - Ballot opens, papers sent out
Thursday 16th October - Ballot closes, last day for papers to arrive to Unite.
Friday 17th October - The count and result

The Rank & File feel that this offer is not enough and that the only option is to REJECT and to fight for a better wage.

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